If you want to learn the Danish language in a more efficient (and fun) manner, then Smart Dansk is for you. Smart Dansk helps people learn the Danish language in a way that differs from traditional second language classes, with methods developed based on the latest second language acquisition research. With just one or two weekly online lessons and tailored homework, it is possible to learn Danish, even for people who are busy with work or other things. For this reason, Smart Dansk is the obvious choice for academics. The teacher is, of course, a native Danish speaker, since teaching Danish pronunciation requires a Danish ear. Also, only a native speaker will know the difference between a grammatically correct, but “non-Danish” phrase, and a typical Danish phrase

What truly matters

When comparing various language learning options, it’s essential to look at what matters, namely how much it costs to reach a certain level, as well as how much time is required to reach this level. No two lessons are equal, and with sub-optimal lessons, it is likely to take two-three times as long to achieve the same level of proficiency as with optimal teaching methods. Therefore, Smart Dansk continuously refines lessons and teaching materials to ensure that our students learn the Danish language as efficiently as possible.

Becoming proficient

With just one weekly lesson, it typically takes Smart Dansk students just 1½-3 years to become proficient (C1 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages scale). The time it takes depends mostly on how much time the student dedicates to homework. Some students also have more aptitude for language learning than others. However, aptitude matters significantly less than practicing. Learning a language requires two things: a) knowing what to do and b) doing it. At Smart Dansk, the language learning process is a cooperative effort between teacher and student. The teacher is responsible for knowing how best to practice at any given time, while the student is responsible for actually getting it done.

Online lessons

Smart Dansk lessons are online private lessons via Skype or Zoom. These lessons take full advantage of the online platform, with video and audio recordings, and more. In addition to the lessons, Smart Dansk provides tailored teaching materials to ensure the time spent between lessons is optimal. 

The first lesson is free, and you can book it with no obligations from the Book a free lesson page to experience first-hand if Smart Dansk is for you.